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HEXTRIS, TwitchChannels and PlaylistStreamer

Main projects

JundM100 PlaylistStreamer
JundM100 Playliststreamer example

Already 3569 downloads!

With the new JundM100 PlaylistStreamer, you can easily stream a playlist to any livestream provider supporting rtmp.

With the built-in Twitch API, you can log into your Twitch account and let JundM100 PlaylistStreamer automatically change the game for you!

It's completely free!

Hextris BETA
Hextris example

Hextris is a new perspective on the classic game Tetris. With its modern and clean look, using hexagons as main elements instead of squares, it creates a futuristic flair. Additionally, with its calming music, it is the ideal game for short or long play sessions, e.g. while waiting or simply relaxing.

Now on Google Play!

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TwitchChannels Version 1.5! Better GUI!
TwitchChannels example

Already 5883 downloads!

TwitchChannels is for anyone who wants to be informed about his favorite streamer.

Simply select the channels and you will be notified immediately when the streamer starts!

It's completely free!

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